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If you feel you would benefit from a top up to your Botox treatment, please follow the link below. 

Don't forget that Botox takes 14 days to reach it's full effect. With this in mind, please wait until at least 12 days after your original treatment to make your booking.

Please ensure your follow up is booked for 14-21 days following your original treatment. 

If at your follow up appointment there's an area that would benefit from a top up, this will done free of charge. 

If you cannot find a follow up appointment that suits you, please either:


Call us on 01603 568 400

WhatsApp us on 07340 493587

Or email us at

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Other points to consider:

If you have a line that has not fully resolved but the underlying muscle has been completely treated (ie. there is no movement), this is the limit of Botox in this area. With repeated treatments these lines will soften further as the underlying muscles are not acting upon them. 

If you have had masseter Botox, please wait at least 5 weeks before booking a follow up as Botox takes longer to work in this area.

If you feel you require an urgent review, please click here.

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